What is Sportinnovator?

At the end of 2014, Minister Schippers of the Department of Health, Welfare and Sports decided that knowledge and innovation in sports required a new impulse. She set up a Top Team Sport with prominent Dutch leaders in business, science, government and sport to draw up a Knowledge and Innovation Agenda Sport for the period of 2015-2020. In this agenda the Top Team argues that knowledge and innovation are beneficial not only for top athletes, recreational sportspeople and people who don’t exercise enough, but can also generate economic, societal, and scientific benefits.

Sportinnovator ecosystem

To turn this ambition into reality the Top Team set up the Sportinnovator programme. Goal will be to set up a profitable ecosystem, in which researchers, entrepreneurs, sports organisations and governmental bodies collaborate on the development of sport knowledge and sport innovations. In a beneficial ecosystem innovative ideas are developed and excellent research projects are conducted, which have a huge impact.

Sport Data Valley

The national programme Sportinnovator is at the core of this ecosystem. Parties join forces in a network of unique Sportinnovator centres, by sharing expertise and data through the communal Sport Data Valley. The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports supports the programme through national funding. With Sportinnovator we can increase the return on knowledge and innovation for top sport, recreational sports and our society’s vitality as a whole.

The Top Team would like to invite people to contribute and join the fast evolving network of sports innovators. Your expertise, effort and cooperation will allow us to reach the world’s top when it comes to knowledge and innovation in sports.

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