'Healthy People in Smart Environments' - Research Meet

Date 28 sep

Time 12:00 - 16:30 Place Luna, TU Eindhoven Campus

In this Research Meet TU/e researchers from various disciplines will update you on the latest research insights concerning health, vitality and wellbeing in our built environment. Some inspiring use cases connecting people, health, well-being, vitality, environment and technology will be presented.

Life expectancy increases each year. Keeping our ageing society healthy and vital is important from a human, social and economic perspective. Stimulating physical and psychological wellbeing to keep people fit and happy is one of the current societal challenges. Challenges such as preventing illnesses, like those related to dementia, and keeping people connected to their societal networks and to society in general, have to be addressed. Behavioral knowledge and in-depth research into human-technology interaction is essential to build the smart environments that optimize human happiness and inclusive societies.

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12: 00         Welcome & meet-up

12.30          Opening
Wijnand IJsselsteijn, scientific director
                   TU/e Center for Humans and Technology

12.40          Improving Cycling Experience through Urban Design
                   (Project: Smart Cycling Futures)
                   George Liu, PhD Candidate,
                   Chair of Urbanism and Urban Architecture, TU/e

13: 00         “Vitality at work”<TALK>
                   Ida Damen, Industrial Design,TU/e

13:20          “The role of sound at the workplace”<Pitch>
                   Jikke Reinten, PhD Candidate, Hogeschool Utrecht & TU/e

13: 30         Short break 

13:40          “SOULMATE” <TALK>
                    Astrid Kemperman, Built Environment, TU/e 

14: 00          “Urban Planning for Active and Healthy Public Spaces with
                     User-Generated Big Data”
                     Loes van Renswouw, PhD Candidate, Industrial Design, TU/e

14: 10          “Call for Collaborations in the context of
                     the GOAL Project”
                     Pieter Van Gorp, PhD Candidate, Built Environment, TU/e

14: 30          Days at the office - how context gets in the mind<TALK>
                    Yvonne de Kort, Human Technology Interaction group, TU/e

14:50           Closing and Questions

15:00           Drinks & networking

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