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Sport Data Center


Niek van Ulzen


Sport Data Center (SDC) is the Dutch National Center for Data Analytics and Intelligence in Sports. SDC offers high level scientific expertise in big data analytics and human/computer interaction.

SDC works with coaches, elite athletes and teams to improve their performance. To innovative companies SDC offers research services on datamining, machine learning, data modelling and prediction, decision making support and feedback systems. SDC is the partner for sports associations and policymakers on issues of investment, fraud & risk management, and strategies for live long healthy moving. To Innovation and Research Centers and scientists, SDC offers their skills in datamanagement to help create sound datamanagement plans.

In SDC top scientists from Leiden University, Delft University and the Amsterdam Institute of Sport Science join forces. Their focus area's:

1.Elite Sports

2.Recreational Sports

3.Adaptive Sports & Rehabiliation

4.Policy & Economics 

5.Fraud & Risks



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