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Krachtmeter voor klimsport



Climbing is showcased at the Olympics and Paralympics for the first time in Tokyo 2020 across three disciplines: speed climbing, lead rope and bouldering. Indeed, the inclusion of climbing is largely attributed to a surge in participation rate worldwide. Currently, scientific support for the Dutch climbing team is lacking, despite ambitions to send a contingent of Dutch competitors to Tokyo. Foremost, there is a want to objectively assess functional grip strength. Indeed, climbing specific strength assessment of hand and finger-tip is essential for performance monitoring, injury prevention and recovery. We therefore develop an innovative ‘meta-grip’ tool to measure climbing specific strength across various grasp techniques and different inclinations, edge depths and hold types. The ‘meta-grip’ tool can be attached to any current climbing wall, making it a versatile, user-friendly piece of kit. In the short term, the ‘meta-grip’ tool is intended to serve the needs of elite athletes preparing for Tokyo. They immediately benefit from functional grip strength monitoring for identifying performance weaknesses. In the longer term, the device is adaptable toward other user groups such as recreational climbers, commercial gyms, sport physiotherapists and/or researchers. Toward achieving sustainable growth, we have brought together a combined scientific research and engineering team alongside partners embedded both with the Dutch national climbing team and with the broader Dutch health and fitness community. Specifically, we propose to use 3D printing methods for design and producing the ‘meta-grip’ tool and to pursue accuracy, reliability and feasibility in how grip strength is measured. In doing so, we have also emphasized, the immediate applied research to support the Dutch national climbing squad. In fact, one of the primary investigators is a reputed member of the Dutch team herself.


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