Dr. Thijs Eijsvogels

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Thijs Eijsvogels is trained in exercise physiology at the Radboud University (PhD degree, NL), Hartford Hospital (postdoc, USA) and Liverpool John Moores University (postdoc, UK). Thijs is interested in the physiological and cardiac responses of the human body to acute and chronic (endurance) exercise performance. His research is focused on the benefits and potential deleterious effects of exercise across the whole spectrum of physical activity: from inactivity to excessive volumes of exercise. Thijs’ work combines the fields of physiology, cardiology and epidemiology and studies are performed in the general population, cardiovascular patients and athletes. His ultimate goal is to find the sweet spot for exercise.  

Twitter: @ThijsEijsvogels
LinkedIn: ThijsEijsvogels
Website: www.physiomics.eu 

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