Robin van Kappel

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With an MSc in Aerospace Engineering (Aerodynamics) I am co-founder and CEO of the company JOHAN. Here I combine my engineering and managing skills with my passion for sports. 

At JOHAN we are active in the field of Motion Tracking for Field Sports Teams. How can we make players fitter and stronger. How can we empower coaches to train smarter. The JOHAN system tracks players with wearable sensors using satellite navigation and other motion sensors. A personalised online analysis environment makes smart analysis of the data possible and gives players and trainers insight in how to improve on team and individual performance, injury prevention and talent development. Our vision is to make performance analytics easy to understand and to use for ALL professional and semi-professional clubs.

JOHAN has developed its sports intelligence system together with ESA (European Space Agency) and is an official ESA Space Solutions application.

JOHAN is market leader in the Netherlands and active in Europe and internationally.