Suzanne Plesman

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Sport Business Accelerator & Matchmaker



Haarlem & Amsterdam


Suzanne Plesman

My belief is that people are happier and more productive when they are healthy and active and I am dedicated to support the growth of the international sports and vitality ecosystem. I contribute by facilitating business accelerations, matchmaking and taking on new projects to realize dreams. Roles like connector, constructor and conqueror fit me best with project management and consultancy roles as second best.

I am open, curious, venturous and solution driven and I get energy from discovering, creating and realizing new connections, businesses, projects focused on the international sports and vitality markets. As a bronze Olympic and gold European field hockey medaillist, I know how important focus and perseverance are. Furthermore, I am a real team player and strong tactician with good social, analytical and advisory skills. Flexible and hands on.

I prefer to work with other ambitious professionals in an informal, transparent environment. Sense of humor highly appreciated:)